Hilary Burton: Get on board with genomics—a call to all clinicians

Personalised medicine has become the “holy grail” of modern medical research and has been embraced by policy makers and healthcare providers as a route to more satisfied patients, more effective and efficient health services, potentially even reducing demand through more effective prediction and prevention of disease. But what do today’s health professionals make of this, […]

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3 reasons why genetics will dramatically change healthcare in the near future.

A growing understanding of human genetics holds the promise to dramatically change healthcare through customized preventative care and treatments. Our health dictated by our genetics: The percentage of our health dictated by our genetics and the faction by behavior and environment depends on individual diseases. Some diseases are entirely genetic and they are called 100 […]

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France Plans to Invest €670M in Genomics, Personalized Medicine

The French government announced that it plans to invest €670 million ($760.8 million) in a genomics and personalized medicine program meant to improve the diagnosis and prevention of disease in the country. The effort is aiming for the establishment of 12 sequencing platforms throughout the country, and two national centers for genomic expertise and data […]

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What Genomic could mean for the future of medicine?

The purpose of Genomic medicine is to discover by looking at every single letters that compose our DNA, all the meaningfull informations that we treasure , dissecting their sneaking meanings.

Based on this premise, the Genomic Medicine wants to provide a more precise personal care that will have a transformative impact on personal health and wellbeing, health economy and national productivity.

It is an approach that emphasizes the ways in which our risk to develop diseases are unique and different, just like other characteristics. Those disease risks are based on the predispositions written into your genome at birth, that can be silenced or exacerbated by the lifestyle.

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President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative

Precision Medicine Initiative, this is the name of the new research announced by President Obama and launched with $215 million investment, effort to revolutionize how we improve health and treat disease. The Precision Medicine Initiative will pioneer a new model of patient-powered research that promises to accelerate biomedical discoveries and provide clinicians with new tools, […]

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