Dante Labs Review: Second Part

Some weeks ago, I bought a Dante Labs Whole Exome Genetic testing. (click here for the first part of the review). Finally I received my results: Dante Labs sent me an e-mail with the instructions to download the report. I like to think to myself as a rational person, however the moment of the clicking […]

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History of Next Generation Sequencing

Next generation sequencing (NGS), often referred to as massively parallel sequencing or deep sequencing, refers to a DNA sequencing technology that enables sequencing of millions of small DNA fragments in unison. This generates a massive pool of data and NGS has revolutionized genomic research studies. The data created can reach gigabytes in size (the equivalent […]

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The true character is the future in Manuel Corpas’ “Perfect DNA”

Perfect DNA is a novel that uses Dr. Manuel Corpas’ own experiences and expertise as genome scientist to begin exploring some challenging genetic issues. The idea is to show how the genome technology is going to affect healthcare in the mid 2030’s. The main protagonist is John Malcolm, a forty-something accountant based in London. The […]

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Our DNA Heritage and Our Health

Our bodies have a wonderful collection of genes and chromosomes that make up our very own distinct DNA in each of us.  Our DNA is like a fingerprint; it’s only unique to you and no one else’s matches yours.  Yes there are heriditary sequencing from our parents and family but that’s only a part of […]

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3 reasons why genetics will dramatically change healthcare in the near future.

A growing understanding of human genetics holds the promise to dramatically change healthcare through customized preventative care and treatments. Our health dictated by our genetics: The percentage of our health dictated by our genetics and the faction by behavior and environment depends on individual diseases. Some diseases are entirely genetic and they are called 100 […]

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