Dante Labs Review: Second Part

Some weeks ago, I bought a Dante Labs Whole Exome Genetic testing. (click here for the first part of the review). Finally I received my results: Dante Labs sent me an e-mail with the instructions to download the report. I like to think to myself as a rational person, however the moment of the clicking […]

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Outsmart your genes

Dr. Colby’s vision can be summarized in three words – PREDICT, PREVENT, PREVAIL. If science can predict the diseases for which you and your loved ones are at increased risk, we can take action to try to prevent them even before they arise. And if we can prevent disease, we prevail. Genetic technology now makes […]

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23andMe Rides Again: FDA Clears Genetic Tests To Predict Disease Risk

23andMe, a genetic testing startup that captured the national imagination a decade ago, appears to have fully emerged from the wilderness. The Food and Drug Administration has cleared the startup to market $199 genetic tests that will tell consumers not whether they have a condition like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, but how likely they might be to […]

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