About us

We share a common passion for science and a strong desire to make genetics accessible to everyone spreading its knowledge all over the world.

 Why DNA Melody?

Because the complexity and the beauty of the genome are the same of a complex symphony.

Genes, like musical notes, must flow in harmony, must generate a harmony – simple and complex at the same time – we call it life.

Knowledge of genetics can improve and saves lives. We aim at making complex information (currently available only to scientists) available and understandable to everyone.

Why anonymous?

We chose to remain anonymous, for now, to have full freedom. Our work may go against the interests of big pharma companies and physicians. Genomics is ready for prime time. Economic interests are not.

Our aim

We want to give people the tools to understand genetics, develop a know how to prevent diseases and improve both life’s expectations and quality.

Who we are

Our board is made of 10 scientists with Master’s and PhD degrees in Biotechnology and Biology. Every board member has a commitment to publish on this blog.

We welcome other scientists to join our mission and freely contribute articles to the blog.

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