10 Things Exome Sequencing Can t Do-but Why It s Still Powerful

Sequencing of the exome – the protein-encoding parts of all the genes – is beginning to dominate the genetics journals as well as headlines, thanks to its ability to diagnose the formerly undiagnosable. The 2011 Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting honored the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel’s coverage of a 4-year-old whose intestinal disorder was finally diagnosed […]

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Spit Could Provide Clues to Brain Health

New research suggests that salivary molecules hold potential as realistic diagnostic biomarkers in a bid to tackle Alzheimer’s disease.The study carried out by investigators at the Beaumont Research Institute and published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, reveals that spit could potentially provide clues to the future of brain health. Currently, Alzheimer’s has no cure, […]

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Outsmart your genes

Dr. Colby’s vision can be summarized in three words – PREDICT, PREVENT, PREVAIL. If science can predict the diseases for which you and your loved ones are at increased risk, we can take action to try to prevent them even before they arise. And if we can prevent disease, we prevail. Genetic technology now makes […]

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23andMe Rides Again: FDA Clears Genetic Tests To Predict Disease Risk

23andMe, a genetic testing startup that captured the national imagination a decade ago, appears to have fully emerged from the wilderness. The Food and Drug Administration has cleared the startup to market $199 genetic tests that will tell consumers not whether they have a condition like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, but how likely they might be to […]

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History of Next Generation Sequencing

Next generation sequencing (NGS), often referred to as massively parallel sequencing or deep sequencing, refers to a DNA sequencing technology that enables sequencing of millions of small DNA fragments in unison. This generates a massive pool of data and NGS has revolutionized genomic research studies. The data created can reach gigabytes in size (the equivalent […]

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Hilary Burton: Get on board with genomics—a call to all clinicians

Personalised medicine has become the “holy grail” of modern medical research and has been embraced by policy makers and healthcare providers as a route to more satisfied patients, more effective and efficient health services, potentially even reducing demand through more effective prediction and prevention of disease. But what do today’s health professionals make of this, […]

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