Dante Labs Review: Second Part

Some weeks ago, I bought a Dante Labs Whole Exome Genetic testing. (click here for the first part of the review).

Finally I received my results: Dante Labs sent me an e-mail with the instructions to download the report. I like to think to myself as a rational person, however the moment of the clicking on the download link…was a little bit tense, but the curiosity was more…so here I am describing you the report.

The report is provided by the company Sequencing.com that collaborates with Dante Labs for the bioinformatics analysis of the raw data, and at a first look the report seems easy-to-read, and the information are quite accessible, even for a lay public. Information are displayed as below…


For example, I have a moderate risk to have a heart attack during my lifetime 33% against the normal risk of 25%, but what does this mean? Well, a short digression, unluckily my grandfather died for a heart attack and high cholesterol is diffuse in my family, so the identified predisposition to heart and coronary artery diseases, did not surprise me much. Going to the biological meaning mine is not a diagnosis of heart-attack!! But rather it means that, I need to pay more attention than the normal population to risk factors for artery diseases, and probably this means also that I will suggest my closest relatives to check for their genetic predispositions…reducing the risk factors potentially increase the chance to have a longer and healthier life!

The Dante Labs report suggest personalized preventive measures that are likely to be most effective for you based on your genetic makeup. The types of preventive measures available to you and your provider will fall into a few different categories, such as:

– Monitoring and Screening. There may be certain tests you or your provider can perform to monitor for the earliest signs of a condition so that it can be treated quickly, thus minimizing its impact on you.

– Medications. Certain medications can often be effective in preventing a condition. The report tells you about the medications that might be used to prevent or treat the conditions for which you are at risk. The report tells also whether you have also increased risk of certain side effects from those medications.

– Lifestyle Modifications. Changes in our day-to-day lives, such as eating different foods or performing specific types of exercises, can have a huge impact on our health. This section will provide you with gene typically tailored lifestyle information so you will know exactly what foods and exercises are likely to be effective in helping you prevent a condition.

– Disease Interventions. Despite preventive efforts, a condition, such as a disease, sometimes occurs. Fortunately, there are effective treatments for many conditions, and the results of your genetic analysis may suggest how well specific treatments will work for you. Having this information will allow you and your healthcare provider to focus on the treatments that are most likely to work and avoid those that may be ineffective or have an increased risk of causing harmful side effects.

– Complementary Interventions. Certain preventive measures not yet embraced by Western medicine have been found to be effective in protecting against some conditions. This section will tell you which of those, if any, may be beneficial to you.

– Common Misconceptions. Common misconceptions can lead us to spend a lot of time and money on prevention or treatments that just don’t work. This section, which is included whenever applicable, provides you with insight into some of the common misconceptions surrounding the prevention or treatment of the condition being discussed so that you are well informed.

– Family Planning. This section contains information about different family planning options that may reduce your future children’s risk of being affected by a condition.

One of the cool things about the Dante Labs report is that you can separate information into different sections based on your physiological system. For example, there’s an “Athleticism” section that helps you determine whether you were “born to run like an Olympic champion” by looking at characteristics like your height, skeletal structure, and muscle fiber types. Other sections include a genetic breakdown of your blood sugar, cardiovascular capacity, hormones, immune system, longevity, metabolism, nutritional and diet, and behavior and cognition.

Another key benefit of the Dante Labs report is learning which genetic diseases you could transmit to your children. You can learn if you are a carrier of a genetic condition. Or, you can discover how your body might react to different pharmaceuticals.

The only drawback is the time needed to get results. For my Whole Exome Sequencing, it took six weeks.

Takeaway message: at €850 a test, I will definitely be encouraging friends and family to try it. Getting more comfortable with this information is a good thing for our future health in order to prevent diseases and better understand our truly self.

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