Outsmart your genes

Dr. Colby’s vision can be summarized in three words – PREDICT, PREVENT, PREVAIL. If science can predict the diseases for which you and your loved ones are at increased risk, we can take action to try to prevent them even before they arise. And if we can prevent disease, we prevail.

Genetic technology now makes this possible. Dr. Colby’s goal is to develop technologies that make it possible for every interested person to benefit from learning about his or her genetic makeup. Just as computers and the internet have provided individuals with access to an unprecedented amount of information, Dr. Colby now sees a similar opportunity for predictive medicine and comprehensive genetic screening to provide everyone access to useful information about their genes.

Genetic technology has reached the point where the cost of conducting comprehensive genetic testing for hundreds of diseases at a single time is now affordable, and our knowledge of how to use this information is increasing at an exponential rate. What this means is that we can now start to integrate genetics into our everyday lives. Instead of wondering what our genes hold in store for us, we can gain that insight now, and use this foreknowledge to improve our lives and battle disease in ways never before possible. With comprehensive genetic testing and Predictive Medicine, we launch an innovative strategy against disease, attacking it before it even manifests.

Predictive Medicine, therefore, provides a new counteroffensive in our war against Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, and many other diseases that have plagued our civilization for centuries. We can defeat these diseases because we can now predict the likelihood of their occurring and take the actions necessary to protect ourselves against them. Therefore, with genetic technology, we will prevail!



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