The true character is the future in Manuel Corpas’ “Perfect DNA”

Perfect DNA is a novel that uses Dr. Manuel Corpas’ own experiences and expertise as genome scientist to begin exploring some challenging genetic issues. The idea is to show how the genome technology is going to affect healthcare in the mid 2030’s. The main protagonist is John Malcolm, a forty-something accountant based in London. The sudden death of his father has got him thinking about his own health. On a whim, he signs up for a genetic test. The novel follows John and his wife Jessica after they get widely different test results. John’s prognosis is brilliant. Jessica’s is the reverse. Traumatized, they seek advice from a genetic counsellor, Professor Riera, who is overwhelmed when he discovers that John has the highest life score prediction he has ever heard of.

I don’t want to reveal more about the plot, because it’s worth to get involved from the reading.

What I can say is that the author provides the reader a comprehensive overview of how Personalized Medicine is approaching us, affecting and changing our lives in a revolutionary way. After I read the book, I am convinced that Medicine should be and will be tailored to an individual’s needs. Dr. Cullis brilliantly demonstrates the genesis from early science to the (near) future of individualized medicine. He thoroughly covers the current state of the revolution and provides examples of personalized medicine already at work. Modern medicine is setting its sights on wellness and predictive/preventative approaches rather than the reactionary approach employed once much of the damage is already done. This is a great read for everyone who is curious about the future of medicine. Definitively, the book provides glimpses into how genomics may reshape our ideas about what constitutes health and well-being. Written for the masses, this book is a great place for scientist and non-scientists alike to get an understanding of the big picture of personalized medicine.

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