Our DNA Heritage and Our Health

Our bodies have a wonderful collection of genes and chromosomes that make up our very own distinct DNA in each of us.  Our DNA is like a fingerprint; it’s only unique to you and no one else’s matches yours.  Yes there are heriditary sequencing from our parents and family but that’s only a part of your total DNA structure.

The structure itself looks something like this :



The genes that make up our DNA is very complex.  DNA Melody https://dnamelody.com/info/ , eloquently describes the genes like a complex symphony where all the musical notes must flow in harmony to create life itself. hence the DNA melody.

But did you know that your DNA can have characteristics in it that will throw off your overall health?  For me it was a stroke and cancer.  

The exciting part is genomic medicine is advancing to the point of reading our genes that make up our DNA to see what each of us may have been predispositioned to health wise, from birth.

Right now our health care is more like a “one size fits all” scale.  Where medications are made for an entire population to take but we all know there are some of us that will be allergic and not able to take most of the medications.  This is where the excitement of genomic medicine comes in!

It can make health care personalized for each and every  one of us.  I would have loved to know what I could have done to prevent my stroke and cancer.  Such illnesses can easily derail a life not to mention the quality of that life as well.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if medicine could be tailored to each person.

That would be able to put our genes back into harmony of that wonderful complex symphony.





About The Author:  

Lisa was recently the Vice President of the Central Pain Syndrome Foundation for the past 3 ½ years: CPSFoundation. She has 20+ years of experience as a Paralegal Specialist in criminal law and 30 years of Research experience.  It was while working in this position she suffered a stroke causing Central Pain Syndrome along with Grave’s Disease, post cancer and thyroidectomy. As a cancer and stroke survivor since 2002, she believes it is important to spread awareness and obtain research for Central Pain Syndrome and other invisible chronic pain illnesses to help others and their families.

Lisa is also a published author of; you can check it out here: At The End of The Day.  

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