Is privacy more important than health…or what’s the trick?

Legislators in Europe and US are spending energies and resources to produce pages of regulations aiming at protecting the “sensitive information” encoded in our DNA.

Is this a sign of politicians being up to date and reacting fast to protect citizens’ rights? Or are these regulations just another way to decrease the common people’s freedom and rights for more effective healthcare?

The latter is more likely!

Thinking out loud…if we were aware of our genes’ strengths and weaknesses, then we could modify our lifestyle and prevent several terrible diseases. We could know in advance what diseases to focus on and increase our statistical chances to live longer and healthy lives.

Not everyone agrees…

Let’s start from Big Pharma…. A logic equation is: less diseases lead to less money for them!

What about physicians? Again, less sick people means less patients. More importantly, physicians would lose their power over our lives, their monopoly on healthcare knowledge and on the knowledge of our genes.

Finally, what about the legislators… Countries would actually benefit from a healthy and long-living population, achieving huge savings in healthcare expenditure.

But will politicians ever go against big pharma and big business?


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