Genetics is humanity’s most poweful gun, we have to pull the trigger

We live in the genomic era. Everyday we hear stories about how genes affect our health, our behaviour, our strength.

The genomic achievements of the last twenty years are amazing. There is more to come.

Today, knowledge of genetics is essential to shape our health. Genetics is a weapon. Now we need to learn how to use it.

Although our genes are quite fixed, our Environment is not.

Environment is everything we do, what we eat, our activities, our interactions with others.

All these factors influence our genetic makeup and change it in ways that can be good or bad for our health. We have the ability to actively manage our health, instead of being passive spectators.

If we know how the gun works, then we can pull the trigger properly.

Knowledge and prevention are our core weapons. Prevention is always the best and more affordable medicine.

Genes determine our risk for several conditions, however genes are the beginning, not the end. Learning about a genetic predisposition is the beginning of a journey to prevent getting sick and live a healthy and long life.

Knowing our genetic predisposition enables us to be vigilant against specific diseases.

Genetics is the light in the darkness.

For instance, if we discover errors in the genes of clotting factor F5, then we learn we are at high risk of developing strokes and life-threatening pulmonary embolism. Knowing it in advance will allow us to check up periodically on our blood.

Learning about our BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes will prepare us better to eliminate the actual risk of breast cancer. Learning about Type 2 diabetes is the trigger for a healthier diet.

Indeed, we must be curious about our nature and have the ambition to customize our behavior. That’s the simple recipe for a healthy and long life.


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