What Genomic could mean for the future of medicine?

The purpose of Genomic medicine is to discover by looking at every single letters that compose our DNA, all the meaningfull informations that we treasure , dissecting their sneaking meanings.

Based on this premise, the Genomic Medicine wants to provide a more precise personal care that will have a transformative impact on personal health and wellbeing, health economy and national productivity.

It is an approach that emphasizes the ways in which our risk to develop diseases are unique and different, just like other characteristics. Those disease risks are based on the predispositions written into your genome at birth, that can be silenced or exacerbated by the lifestyle.

In the case of cancer, the disease has its own genetic makeup, lending each tumor a unique character with unique tendencies and vulnerabilities.

Medicine as we know it revolves around “standards of care,” the best courses of prevention or treatment for the general population, or the average person on the street.

Genomic Medicine approach could upend the way to think about yourself.

Let’s use an easy analogy to show you more about.

Imagine you’re in a clothing store that has only medium sized shirts, made to conform to a population average. Unless you’re lucky, your shirt won’t fit very well. And if you’re very large or very small, it may even be downright annoying or painful to wear. On the other hand, a tailor will use your individual measurements to make a shirt that fits you perfectly.

Traditional Medicine are more or less different like personal tailored shirts versus off-the rack ones.

Perhaps there is, or soon will be, a drug or treatment or tailored combination of the two that will work better for you than it would for someone else

By the way,  it’s important to remember  that genes are not destiny. They do provide information that can lead us to make more informed decisions about our health and healthcare, and change our future.

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